Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Such A Dirty Man

Enjoy an erotic story today! Alan and Beth are at the beginning of something very exciting.

Such a Dirty Man
by Autumn Seave

When Alan's niece, Jennesa, asked him to help her school start a garden he didn't think much about it before he said yes. He never expected the decision to have such a positive impact on his life though. Beth, the Educational Assistant in Jennesa's class was the teacher who volunteered to help him and she made him think about things he had not thought about in a long time. She made him think about that girl who had come into his life twenty years ago and then disappeared. She made him think about walks along the beach at sunset. And she made him think about sex.

Alan was attracted to her immediately. She was pretty in an uncomplicated way. Green eyes prevented her from looking like a typical girl-next-door and the flip at the end of her long, brown pony tail made her seem younger than she probably was. In her khaki shorts and black tank top she looked almost waifish but the tiny nipples that peaked her small breasts gave him an instant hard on.

Beth came every weekday over the summer. She picked everything up very quickly and listened attentively when he spoke. As the summer went on, he found himself spending longer periods of time with her in the greenhouse and had to stay up later at night to get his accounting work done. Fortunately, he worked freelance and could choose when he would work. He enjoyed listening to her talk as well. When she spoke about her students she would get all animated. When she told him about the things she was doing to train for her first triathlon, he found himself getting excited about it, too. He imagined himself waiting for her at the end of the finish line and having her jump into his arms, exhausted but proud.

One particularly hot day in August, Beth was telling him how she had beaten her own lap record at the pool this morning. He hugged her without thinking and was a little surprised when she held it longer than necessary. She pressed her nose into his t-shirt and took a long whiff.

"Did you just smell my shirt?" he laughed. "It can't smell very good."

"It does. It smells like soil and soap - like you."

A flush came to her cheeks and she quickly turned back to the plant she'd been trimming. Alan stared at her brown shoulders in the pink tank top in wonderment. Was it possible that she might feel the same way about him as he did for her?

In a rare moment of total distraction, Alan turned away, stumbled over a potted plant on the floor, and fell against Beth. He just narrowly missed falling on her, but set her off balance as well. She fell forward and he caught her. As they fell, Alan knocked over a bag of open soil that was sitting on a low table and they were soon covered in fresh dirt.

"I'm so sorry," Alan stammered.

"Great, now I'm all dirty," Beth said.

For a moment he thought she was serious. Then she began to laugh. Soon he was laughing as well. And then he was kissing her; and she was kissing him back.


He stopped abruptly when she began to pull up his shirt, rubbing her hands over his body, simultaneously pushing the dirt away and rubbing it into his chest hair. Again, she pressed her nose into his chest and inhaled deeply.

"Beth..." he tried again.

This time she halted his words by sliding her tank top over her head. Those hard points were even more beautiful than the visions he saw in his head at night. There was no doubt in his mind now about how she felt about him. No sooner was her shirt off than she was tearing at the zipper of his jeans.

Now that Alan had recovered from his surprise, he began to help her in removing their clothes. Soon, they were rolling in the rich soil that covered the floor. Her hands were everywhere at once - caressing his chest, clutching at his ass, and stroking his cock into the most amazing erection he remembered having in a long time.

Without warning, she turned onto her back and presented her open lips to him. They glistened with her excitement and her light brown pubic hair was damp and curly.

"Alan, I need to have you inside me now but unless you have a condom handy, that's going to have to wait. Fingers will have to do for now. Unless you'd rather watch?"

"No, I need to touch you. Let me."

His fingers slid inside her and his thumb rubbed over her clit. Her hips rose against his hand as she sighed. Then her eyes were open again and she was reaching for his cock. She stroked him gently at first and then more firmly as she sensed his need. His fingers kept up with her pace. He loved watching her excitement build.


And then her muscles began to spasm around his fingers. He watched as she came, her pussy pressing against the whole of his hand, eyes closed in uninhibited release. As the muscle contractions slowed her hand began to caress his rod with renewed enthusiasm. With his eyes on hers, it was only moments before he came, his come landing first, in a small pile of soil just past her right nipple, then dribbling over her stomach.

"You're such a dirty man," Beth said.

"I'm sorry," Alan began.

"No," Beth laughed, "you're dirty. You have dirt all over you. I think we'd better get you into a shower before that clump of dirt finds it way into your ear."

"And I think I might have condoms in the house," he said, grinning madly.

As she dressed, he didn't think of the girl he loved in his twenties, but he did see Beth walking beside him, water lapping at their feet, and the sunset cooling their skin.

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