Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why Ask Erotic Romance Authors? (An Invitation)

Writing erotic romance stories takes a special kind of person. Not only do they have to be able to write well, but be able to create characters (and situations) which are both interesting and believable. Part of making characters believable is having knowledge of and experience with people. Not just body parts (though to be sure, a three-handed male lead will not be believable!), but a story teller must know human intimacy, relationships and other personal details in order to deliver romance, fantasy and yes, believability.

If an author of historical fiction writes without any knowledge of the time period, the story falls flat doesn't it. The same is true of authors who do not have any knowledge of intimacy & relationships. So authors need to know more than just some romantic (and randy!) fantasy, but what that fantasy is about; they need to understand more than just what readers want, but why.

A story about a man sweeping a woman off her feet doesn't work if the author doesn't know what would sweep a woman off of her feet. An author who doesn't know what makes a woman tumble into bed won't be able to make her character do it ~ at least not well enough that a reader believes it and keeps reading.

So authors of erotic romance need to know what couples want and how to give it to 'em.

Every story has at least two characters, a situation, and a conflict of some sort ~ most often a conflict of desires. He wants her, but she's not so sure; or she wants something, but doesn't know how to get it... Does this sound at all familiar? *wink*

Here at The Blushing Ladies' Journal you can ask for advice on relationships, romance and arousal ~ and receive it from authors who know about it.

Have a fantasy that you're afraid to share... but really want to try it?

Wonder how you can figure out what your intimacy issue is?

Curious about how to put that 'spark' back into your relationship? ('Everyone' tells you that you must, but when it comes to the 'how' part, they're a little weak aren't they?)

Are you or your partner having problems getting in the mood?

Have you've tried everything under the sun, but nothing seems to work?

Wouldn't it be cool if you had a more knowledgeable friend who'd tell you what they know? (And erotic romance authors do have that knowledge ~ they make characters draw close, fall in love, and get it on all the time!)

Well here we are and here's your chance!

Send us your questions and we (along with our other erotic romance author friends) will help you. And if you've got a tip, or just want to join in with a dishy story or tip, feel free to post it!

And don't worry, you can be as anonymous as you wish.

So go ahead, email us at blushingladies - at - naughtyblog -dot- net with your questions now!

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