Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beauty Knows No Pain

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Beauty Knows No Pain
Inside Jolie's Head - 3/25/07

When I was in college, there was a southern belle who lived on the same floor of my dorm as me. She would never be caught dead in sweats, sneaks and bare faced. Instead her make-up was perfectly applied, her nails beautifully manicured, her clothes were fashionable and she wore heels. All of which takes time. I asked her why she bothered when all we were doing was going to class. She replied, "My mother always told me - beauty knows no pain."

Such a statement would rack the nerves of every feminist alive. Yet even though I'm a feminist (at least most of the time) I've never forgotten what she said.

Last night my husband and I met two other couples for dinner and dancing. My dancing shoes were four inch stilettos - and they were the talk of the evening.

Could I have worn some flats or some comfortable two inch pumps? Yes. But they wouldn't have looked as good. Or more important - as sexy.

Sexy, for a woman, is rarely comfortable.

We can complain about nail polish and eye-makeup and tight clothes and high heels - or we can shut up and participate.

I've heard women say, "I'm not a girly girl." But would they enjoy being a "girly girl" if they lost ten pounds or put on something they've always wanted to but never had the nerve - like thong underwear?

Girly girls get attention, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Jolie du Pre is an author of lesbian erotica and lesbian erotic romance...and a girly girl.
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