Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just Because

This is from Ask Uncle Terry (re-posted with permission of the author and the website owner):

I was wondering how many do this: Over the last few years, I have started
trying to give my girl just a little something every now and then, it can be a
card or a rose or anything, usually when things are not going all that well, or
when she is having an extra bad week. She really eats that up, and I score super
points too!!! Anyone here do this?

The fact of the matter is many guys forget to pay attention to things like their girlfriends or wives moods and when they stop paying attention to these things, sexual desire often falls to the wayside. If women don't feel like they are being taken care of emotionally then they feel that intimacy is lacking and their desire decreases for sexual activities. Of course, this doesn't apply to all women - but to a large percentage it does.

Women need to know that when their guy is out about doing his daily things - working, shopping, going to the gym - she is still on his mind, even if not at the forefront. Giving little gifts, love notes, ordering out for dinner on those days when neither of you can handle the kitchen - those little things aren't so little. They mean a lot and they add up. Short on cash? Give her a back rub and expect absolutely nothing in return. Do that one thing that she's been putting off like organizing the junk drawer when she's out grocery shopping. Arrange for the kids to spend the night at friend's or family's houses so she can have a quiet night of watching movies or whatever she likes to do when she has child-free time.

These little things that mean a lot usually require very little on your part - a little thought and a little insight as to what means something to her. The rewards are huge - she'll feel great about you and you're quite likely to get some postive attention in return.

** Ladies - don't forget that this works the other way around, too. Guys might not be looking for love letters and flowers but an undisturbed Saturday afternoon of tinkering with the car or an evening of fantasy baseball with the guys certainly can't hurt!

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